Release of new version of QUIK workstation — 7.18

4 june 2018

The principal new feature introduced in QUIK Workstation is support of fractional volumes of instrument units. This will enable users to trade instruments of ‘Investment unit’ type.  A separate form of order will be used for operations to buy, sell or exchange investment units. Tables list investment unit parameters with the number of fractional digits corresponding to a particular investment unit.

Сhart functionality included a ‘Market depth’ indicator that displays instrument order volumes as horizontal histograms. Replacement of expiring contracts by new ones may now be included as history. The charts for ‘old’ and ‘new’ contracts may be combined. 

Whenever a news agency transmits news in HTML-format, these will be displayed in the news window in the corresponding form and layout.

There is a new type of text message ‘Order sent’ for sending an alert about a new order for a given client code.

The order entry dialogue for REPO with CCP mode now displays the sum of REPO calculated from entered lots of the instrument. The reverse calculation is also possible — number of lots from entered sum of REPO.

A number of new tables appeared in order to transmit new types of data from the trading system of Moscow exchange:

  • ‘Transfer types’,
  • ‘Cash liabilities and claims’ (Currency),
  • ‘Bank account’,
  • ‘Asset liabilities and claims’ (extended) (CCP).

Some existing tables acquired new columns:

  • ‘Limit of the covered sell’ in the tables ‘Liabilities and claims for assets (CCP), ‘Asset liabilities and claims’ (extended) (CCP) and ‘Cash liabilities and claims’ CCP).
  • ‘Base point’ in the table ‘Interest risk parameters’, ‘Passive volume’ in the table ‘Extended liabilities of market makers for stock and currency markets’ (displaying the current volume of executed passive trades),
  • ‘Placement agent’ in the Quotes table and instrument data window (containing comments on instrument in auction classes),
  • ‘Maximum precise actual volume’ in the Quotes table.

The ‘Instrument subtype’ parameter in the Quotes table acquired a new value ‘Federal bond’.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.18.

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