QUIK Workstation — 7.10

27 march 2017

ARQA Technologies released a new version of the principal user application — QUIK Workstation 7.10.

The main innovation of this version is the extended functionality for linked windows. In previous versions the Quote table was the only main table available for linking. Only the Level II Quotes table, Time and Sales table, ‘Graphs’ and ‘Options board’ could be linked to the Quote table (if the instrument was the underlying asset). The new QUIK Workstation allows using ‘Orders’ or ‘Account status’ as an additional main table. The number of tables that may be linked to the main tables has also been expanded.

The full list of tables that may be linked to the main ones:

  • 'Level II Quotes',
  • 'Time and Sales',
  • ‘Graphs’,
  • ‘Trades’,
  • ‘Orders’,
  • 'Instrument information',
  • ‘Stop orders’,
  • ‘Options board’.

The tab may now include more than one main table. When the ‘Anchor’ button in the top right corner of the main table activates table linkage the button is marked by a certain color. Tying the linked table to the main one the latter is chosen by its name and color. After the tables are linked the button in the top right corner of the linked table has the same color as the ‘Anchor’ button of the main table.

Another improvement of the version is the increased number of ‘candlesticks’ saved in the local storage of the Workstation (up from 3000 to 65000). However, if the graph archives are requested more than once historical graphs are erased and the Workstation gets from the QUIK server only 3000 ‘candlesticks’.

The ‘Securities information panel ‘of the Level II Quotes table acquired two additional parameters: ‘Volume of trades executed in the current session’ and ‘Closing price of the previous day’.

A number of changes are also connected with additional data in the tables: ‘Trades’, ‘Trading accounts’ and ‘Orders’. For example, the table ‘Trades’ now transmits such new parameters as ‘First part of SWAP operation’ and ‘Second part of SWAP operation’ settlements of SWAP operations on FX market.

To see the full list of changes made in QUIK Workstation 7.10.

The example of the new functionality (three different groups of linked windows):

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