New in QORT

15 july 2021

We offer to your attention the main improvements made in solutions based on the QORT software platform.

Module of integration with Cbonds Database

  • The module supports import of information on depositary shares to QORT products. Such assets are classified in the system as ADR/GDR.
  • During integration with capQORT, it has become possible not only to import but also update information on ETF assets for specified securities.

Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT:


  • A group of instruments can be filtered by new types (‘Microfinance organization’, ‘International financial organization’) and countries of the issuers.

Pool Orders:

  • For FX pool orders and REPO orders, it has become possible to specify a number of the instrument in lots or units. The measure (lots/units) is explicitly specified in the order placement form.
  • When forwarding a pool order to buy assets for a group of portfolio with a number set as a share of the portfolio’s net asset value, an order can be generated for the available cash balance (by using an additional checkbox). This excludes cancellation of such orders by the system for specified subaccounts when the order volume of such subaccounts exceeds the volume of the cash balance available on them.
  • The system allows accounting futures-style options and future contracts as a percentage of the portfolio’s net asset value with account of a required collateral as well as forwarding pool orders to increase/decrease the share of the portfolio’s net asset value. When forwarding orders on the derivatives market, it is checked whether cash is acceptable as collateral for the instrument.

System Usability:

  • When generating or editing pool orders and during rebalancing, it has become possible to make substring search for a counterparty.

Automated back-office backQORT:

Client Orders:

  • There is a setting which allows specifying in a non-trade instruction not only a subaccount but also an analytical account (in this case of the client’s unified cash position, the subaccount is not specified when forwarding the instruction). Such instructions will be correctly reconciled with the QUIK transactions file or uploaded from the Non-Trade Instructions module of QUIK. However, after the analytical account is specified, the functionality to sign instructions, calculate PIT for cash withdrawal, and automatically generate non-trade instructions in the Non-Trade Instructions module becomes unavailable.
  • The ‘Trade instructions’ directory was removed from the system. All the information from this directory is now shown in the register of client instructions.
  • A setting was added which prevents from changing previously set instruction parameters by using automatic mechanisms of the system.

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