Improvements in QORT products made in January, 2023

13 february 2023

We offer to your attention the main improvements in solutions based on the QORT software platform.

Automated back-office backQORT


It has become possible to generate OKUD 0420415, OKUD 0420416, OKUD 0420417, OKUD 0420418, OKUD 0420458 XBRL reports.

System Usability

  • By clicking on F5, it is possible to recalculate an available balance in the ‘Registry of personal income tax in a year’ table.
  • An option was added to choose a group of clients when setting a tariff plan.


The ‘Determine cash crediting account by delivery payment account’ feature was added in the ‘Package payment on accounts’ dialogue.


Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT

Module of integration with RU DATA

The Module allows downloading data on dividends from RUDATA.


During reconciliation of balances in QORT with positions in QUIK, it has become possible to set different calendars for a brokerage firm.


  • The following changes were made in the net asset value reconciliation functionality:

— it is possible to perform net asset value reconciliation for all subaccounts/analytic accounts included in the structure of the account specified in the filter,

— there is a possibility to reconcile data in QORT with the most relevant IDB data by setting the search depth.

  • The IDB data reconciliation functionality:

— allows grouping by assets,

— has columns with the position valuation.

System Usability

  • It has become possible to limit user rights to operations with trades for a preset list of subaccounts.
  • Instructions can be generated by using hot keys via the ‘Real-time market data’ and ‘Depth of market’ tables.
  • It is possible to edit ‘Reconciliation with Avancore: Unit Investment Funds (export)’ and ‘Limit Check’ dialogues of task activation templates.

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