New version of QUIK Matching Engine 1.9.0 released

12 february 2018

The main improvements in QME relate to support of operations with new instruments — bonds and FX. New directories were added — coupons for bonds and currencies for FX pair generation. Now there is basic currency and quoted currency in conversion operations.

The software acquired new functionality providing trading organizers with:

  • possibility to set a listing level of security (for stocks and bonds),
  • CFI-code support for traded instruments,
  • possibility to ban cross trades for coinciding codes of clients and companies,
  • calculation of price instability parameters,
  • possibility to manage trading sessions using price instability parameters.

Among other improvements there is:

  • an option to specify instrument description both in Russian and English,
  • indication of time on orders, transactions and all trades with a microsecond accuracy.

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