Filtering of counterparties when sending quotes – a new functionality of the QDealing service

12 august 2022

There are improvements in QDealing, the service to agree on terms of OTC trades.

Previously, forwarded indicative quotes were available to all participants connected to the service. Updated QDealing allows its users to set a list of counterparties who will be able to see the quotes forwarded by their company.

Users of QDealing can set the filtering right in their QUIK workstations. When setting permission for sending quotes, a user can choose specific trading modes to filter by or to set a filter for all modes at once as well as  to choose counterparties with access to forwarded indicative quotes.

The users see the information on permission settings in a separate ‘Permission to receive NDM quotes’ table. These settings are stored on the side of the QDealing service, therefore there is no need to set them every trading day.


Now all users of the QUIK platform can use QDealing completely free of charge.

For more information about the service functionality, testing terms and connection, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department: +7 (383) 2191619,

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