New version of OMS Manager module — 6.2

31 october 2023

The following improvements were made in the released version of the OMS Manager module:

  • It has become possible to add OMS instruments with different face value and settlement currencies. For this, a new ‘Trading currency’ field was added to the instruments dictionary, with ‘Face value currency’ and ‘Trading currency’ columns additionally displayed on the OMS entry dialog box in the instrument search table.
  • The module supports FX instruments (currency pairs).
  • In configuration with the Directory Storage and Distribution module, it is possible:
— to receive information on future instruments,
— to delete (to delist) instruments from the OMS module’s instrument dictionary,
— to transmit with the instrument the information on the QUIK class from which the instrument was received.

  • A functionality was added to cancel OMS orders which were submitted not via a particular copy of the FIX interface (for example, via the QUIK workstation). This will allow any FIX interface copy, in which OMS orders are available, to cancel these orders on the QUIK server.
  • In the instrument search table of OMS order entry dialog, the following features were added:
— autofiting the column widths in accordance with the content visible in the table (Ctrl+W hotkey combination),
— changing the order of columns using the mouse (Drag-and-Drop),
— changing the size of the table itself,
— saving table parameters (location, size, sorting, order and width of columns) within the trading session and between the QUIK workstation’s restarts.

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