New version of OMS Manager module — 5.8 released

22 july 2020

The main improvements in the new version of the OMS Manager module relate to the functionality to work with OMS orders.

  • There is an expanded algorithm to fill in default values in the entry form of a new OMS order when the order is registered manually via the FIX adapter program interface or by the user with the Client role via the QUIK workstation. It has become possible to fill in the following dynamic fields of the OMS order by default: delivery type, clearing center, order type, source, counterparty, banker.
  • Also, there is an expanded algorithm to fill in default values in OMS order execution forms by setting trading accounts which are placed in OMS order execution forms by an exchange order or an OTC trade as well as in the booking trade dialog box filtered by the execution class, tradebook, and the counterparty’s code.

  • The users with the Sales role have a possibility to group OMS orders executed by different Traders, enabling to perform the group booking of OMS orders independently of what Traders are set in the grouped OMS orders.

It has also become possible to hide/show ‘BUY’/’SELL’ buttons on the QUIK workstation’s instrument panel of the users with Sales and Sales-Trader roles.

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