New version of OMS Manager Module — 5.7 released

8 june 2020

The innovations of the released OMS Manager Module version relate to the expanded functionality to work with OMS orders.

The most frequent operations with OMS orders can now be performed by using buttons added to the bottom panel of the OMS orders table. The used buttons are set in the configuration dialogue of the OMS orders table by using a new ‘Bottom panel’ setting.

It has become possible to edit parameters of active OMS orders when the limiting on the QUIK server is on. The number of the current OMS order is saved after making changes in it (previously, a new modified OMS order was generated).

A ‘Max qty’ parameter can be added to the OMS order entry form, which displays the maximum quantity available to the client based on the specified parameters and the current position.

It is possible to control execution and booking price of the OMS order. If the price in the order under execution is worse than the OMS order price, such an order is rejected. This control is also performed when linking exchange orders/trades to the OMS order.

The Trader’s request to cancel ordinary and algorithmic orders is now recorded in the ‘Audit trail’ tab of the OMS order and in the OMS order report. This allows identifying the user who initiated cancellation of the linked order.

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