New version of OMS Manager Module — 5.6

16 april 2020

The released version of the OMS Manager Module has changes in the functionality to work with orders and trades:

  • The OMS order entry form acquired the ‘Lock value’ parameter which displays the total value of locked assets with account of ACI and the broker’s commission (when the limiting of OMS orders on the QUIK server is on).
  • An option was added for adjustment of an active OMS order with one operation using the ‘Correct order’ context menu item in the table of OMS orders.

  • For the ‘Client’ role, it has become possible to set the ‘Time in force’ list on the OMS order entry form (inclusion in/exclusion from the dropdown list of expiration dates ‘Good till cancel’, ‘Session’, and ‘Good till date’).
  • For a number of fields in the tables of OMS orders and OMS trades, the quick filters functionality is supported by keyboarding the value or by choosing it from the dropdown list.

Besides that, the Module acquired an option to create coupon and zero-coupon bonds in one OMS class.

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