New version of OMS Manager module — 5.10

16 december 2020

In the released version of the OMS Manager module the following modifications were performed:

  • It has become possible to execute OMS orders in the negotiated deal modes on the stock exchange. For this purpose, the ‘Execute’ menu setting is expanded on the OMS order form, where it is able to add the ‘Negotiated deal’ execution type to the dropdown list.
  • The OMS orders table allows adding the displaying of market sector, where the security issuer of OMS order is operating (for example, ‘Oil and Gas’), and also filtering the OMS orders list all within a selected sector in the OMS orders table.

  • The functionality of displaying the aggregated parameters of simultaneously selected OMS orders was implemented.
  • The counterparty can now be indicated on the OMS order upon registration through the FIX adapter program interface (version 3.62 or above).

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