New version of OMS Manager Module — 5.1 released

6 september 2019

The released version of the OMS Manager Module has an expanded functionality for automatic booking of OMS orders. In particular, now it is possible:

  • to set auto booking for a specified OMS class or client,
  • to perform auto booking over a specified period of time after OMS order execution,
  • to generate one aggregated booking trade for the full OMS order quantity.

When opening a booking trade dialog box, the date and time of the last executed trade of the booked OMS order are filled in the ‘Trade time’ field by default. It allows automatic generation of booking trades with the date and time of the last trade, when the OMS order is booked the following day.

In the Linked orders table, orders can be canceled and unlinked for several strings simultaneously. It has also become possible to be notified by the Trading system about linked exchange order cancelation which was not initiated by a user.

The commission amount, manually specified in the OMS order entry/change dialog box, now is fixed and does not change even after changes in any of the fields with preset default commission values in the Module DB.

Besides that, as part of integration between OMS Manager Module and QORT based solutions the following options were added:

  • transmitting trades to QORT in the configuration without trader books,
  • setting the list of trade types to be transmitted to QORT,
  • selecting a field to be transmitted to QORT as a trade counterparty.

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