Updated OMS Manager Module (versions 4.8 and 4.9)

18 january 2019

The new versions of the OMS Manager module have expanded operation management functionality:

  • when operating it is possible to limit OMS orders without generation of booking trades,
  • to accelerate the start of execution, OMS orders may be registered with specifying clients during the execution,
  • it has become possible to ban operations with OMS orders (on-exchange execution, linkage of orders and trades) for instruments with the currency that matches neither OMS order currency nor its settlement currency,
  • the OMS order table acquired new parameters (weighted average price, total amount, volume, etc.) calculated for corresponding exchange instruments by each OMS order.

Also a number of improvements made the interface easier to work with it:

  • the user filter for the currency list on OMS order forms allows Sales to work only with currencies actual for them,
  • new options were added to the context menu of the OMS order table: ‘Cancel linked orders’ (cancelling of all orders, incl. algorithmic ones, linked with chosen OMS orders), ‘Link order’ (linkage of exchange orders without opening entry forms of OMS orders),
  • in the linked windows mode it is possible to ‘link’ the ‘Time and Sales’ table, Level2Quotes table, and a graph to the OMS order table.

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