OMS Manager — 4.5.0 released

6 july 2018

The principal feature that appeared in the latest version of OMS Manager Module is an option to group several OMS orders into one with parameters of the aggregated orders (except those of price and size, which are calculated). The resulting order then goes on for execution and/or booking.

Another significant development in the module is manual allocation of trade bookings that includes the broker’s part of the trade (Block Trade) on one side and allocation by clients on the other. The new tab ‘Allocations’ on the OMS order form displays both the Block Trade and allocations.

In cases when OMS orders go on to external algo execution, it became possible to switch off the ‘trader’s books only’ mode. Thus, traders have the full list of client’s codes at their disposal instead of just the traders’ books.

When the trader confirms a partially filled OMS order registered via FIX adapter program interface, the order’s client status changes into ‘Cancelled’ and all unconfirmed linked trades get confirmation.

As for the table of linked orders, it got new boxes for ‘Execution Type’, ‘Expiry date’ and ‘Extended status’.

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