New version of OMS Manager Module — 4.13 released

27 may 2019

The released version of OMS Manager Module allows users with the combined Sales and Trader role to receive notifications of newly registered OMS orders, their rejection/cancellation, and fully executed OMS orders. The notifications can be displayed in the information window, coming with a sound signal or order highlighting in the OMS order table.

For better usability the current separate exchange orders can be ‘linked’ to OMS orders using the left mouse click (drag-and-drop) from the ‘Orders’ table.

The settlement currency and cross rate now can be set either after execution of one OMS order or group execution of several OMS orders.

For FIX clients with OMS orders executed after manual cross rate setting, ‘Trader’ users can specify in the cross rate form whether such orders must be grouped before being sent to the client. In this case orders are grouped independently of the grouping mode chosen for the client in the Module settings.

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