New version of Non-Trade Instructions Module — 20.5

16 december 2021

The released version of the Non-Trade Instructions module has the following improvements:

  • optimized processing of instructions for cash as well as of cash positions for the derivatives market during automatic execution,
  • new statuses for non-trade instructions: REGISTERING and REJECTED,
  • a possibility to always fill in payment details in the ‘Payment purpose’ field when using SWIFT details,
  • a possibility to ban entry of non-Latin symbols when manually filling in the SWIFT details,

  • a ban for clients to fill in a conversion rate when signing the instruction; now only broker’s employees are authorized to sign instructions,
  • a possibility to specify only the original amount in ‘Specify initial amount’ and ‘Specify resulting amount’ fields when forwarding instructions of the ‘Currency conversion’ type,
  • an option to view the execution history of the non-trade instruction in the Instructions table.

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