New version of Non-Trade Instructions Module — 20.2

15 november 2018

The released version of the Non-Trade Instructions Module has improved ergonomics of non-trade instructions forms. That was made by changing the order of fields ‘Currency’, ‘Venue’, and ‘Client code’ in instruction forms of ‘Funds depositing’ and ‘Withdraw funds’ types. This allows filtering only available venues when choosing the currency. At the same time, if a broker matched venues with clients, the client code is chosen automatically after a client chooses a venue. It has also become possible to define the order of venues in the list when entering an instruction. A diagnostic field was added in forms for cases of filling errors.

A correct venue to write off commissions is now automatically chosen for instructions for securities, if this field is concealed from user. The algorithm for choosing venues takes into account user rights for instructions of a chosen type.

Besides that, it has become possible to ban clients’ requests for order cancellation if the order has already got at least one signature.

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