ARQA Technologies develops new Trading interface for direct connection to Turquoise

6 november 2015

Through connection to Turquoise, the pan-European MTF majority owned by London Stock Exchange Group, users of EMS QUIK get access to trade a wide range of securities comprising more than 4000 stocks, depositary receipts, and ETFs admitted to trading from developed and developing markets of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA.

QUIK’s new trading interface supports all major types of operations in both the Turquoise Midpoint Dark Order Book (‘unlit’ mode) and the Turquoise Integrated Order Book (‘lit’ mode).

QUIK customers can use also the award1 winning2 innovations of Turquoise Uncross™ and Turquoise Block Discovery™, advanced technologies for electronic block trading3.

Roman Anokhin, Director of ARQA Technologies: “For us as developers of software for trading in financial markets, it is a big honour to work in partnership with Turquoise — a technologically innovative and dynamic company. I am convinced that existing and potential users of QUIK will appreciate the advantages of Turquoise which offers convenient and competitive access to thousands of instruments on international financial markets.”

Robert Barnes, CEO of Turquoise: “We are delighted ARQA Technologies is offering connection to Turquoise. As a truly pan European MTF, Turquoise aims to serve the widest possible universe of investors and stocks. ARQA Technologies’ development will bring the innovation, added functionality and liquidity that Turquoise provides to new investors and customers.”


Turquoise is the European multilateral trading facility majority owned by London Stock Exchange Group in partnership with the user community. With a single connection, members can trade shares, depository receipts and ETFs of 19 European countries with an efficient interoperable post-trade model. Members include banks, brokers, specialist trading firms and retail intermediaries.

Turquoise features two orders books. Turquoise Integrated Lit Book combines simple limit and iceberg orders with Large In Scale hidden orders. Turquoise Midpoint Dark Book prioritizes orders by size and allows users to configure Minimum Execution Size; it features two distinct mechanisms, each executing at the midpoint of the Primary Market Best Bid and Offer: continuous matching and Turquoise Uncross™, an innovation that provides randomised uncrossings during the trading day, ideal for larger and less time sensitive passive orders. Turquoise Block Discovery™ is a new service matching undisclosed Block Indications that execute in Turquoise Uncross™.

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ARQA Technologies is an independent software provider of solutions supporting operations in financial markets. The company offers a wide and fully integrated range of solutions for automation of front-, middle- and back-office operations of financial institutions. 

It also provides SaaS from data centers in Moscow and Kiev. 

The clients of ARQA Technologies are over 300 banks and financial companies including some global investment banks. The company’s head office is in Novosibirsk. 

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