QUIK software package

The software package adopts modular approach, providing the possibility of creating custom configurations to address specific range of tasks.

Trading interfaces

QUIK server modules that provide connection to the trading systems via the gateway software.


News and market data interfaces

QUIK server modules that obtain information (news, quotes) from external sources.


Service modules

QUIK server modules that provide additional services to the users.


Infrastructure solutions

Software solutions for creating and optimisation of complex trading infrastructures.


Integration solutions

Software for implementing integration projects.


User applications

A family of universal user terminals that work with the QUIK Server.


Specialised applications

A family of specialized user terminals that solve particular tasks (risk management by a specified group of instruments, asset management, etc.)

Components in the scheme

QUIK Software Package Functionality

The Core Functionality

QUIK server comes with an extensive list of default features. These features allow brokers to trade various financial instruments on Russian and international financial markets.


QUIK Software Package provides access to Russian and foreign trading venues via a single interface.

Specific Solutions

Within the QUIK family, we have created solutions for complex trade infrastructures. Such solutions include Algorithmic Trading Module, OMS, SOR, Broker Quote System, and QME fast trading core.


The system provides a possibility of integration both with other products of our company and with external applications, such as exchange and non-exchange trading software, accounting systems and risk management systems, analytical platforms, client's trading applications, technology partners' networks, and other broker systems.

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