Release of a new version of the LSE trading interface — 2.7.1

2 november 2015

The updated version of the LSE trading system 8.7 acquired the functionality to specify the «Minimal quantity» parameter (MinQty) in the LSE trading interface when forwarding and replacing pegged orders. The price of such orders is automatically changed after changes in bid and offer price.

Besides that, when the order is replaced with a new one, a number of the replaced order is translated to the «Original number» field in the order table.

In the new version of the interface loading instrument directory to QUIK can be set as a priority task. Loading is supported with the LSE Reference Data service (instruments with «Active» status are loaded first that allows avoiding problems while loading «Inactive» instruments with the same parameters).

In accordance with the exchange data, the list of «Index» instruments is updated in version 2.7.1, and password encoding is implemented to connect to the LSE trading system.

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