New version of LSE trading interface — 2.20.0

14 november 2019

The MITCH data exchange protocol functionality is discontinued in the new version of the LSE trading interface due to withdrawal of support for this protocol by the LSE trading system. The interface supports changes in the GTP protocol in accordance with the LSE requirements.

The trade order sending functionality is supplemented with the following options:

  • The ‘Capacity’ field value which is relevant to MiFID II regulation can be chosen from several variants in the order entry form.
  • It has become possible to choose transaction fields mandatory for filling in by using ClientTransScheme.xml files.

As for data transmission to the QUIK Workstation, the MIC market code is now transmitted to the ‘Execution venue’ field of the ‘Trades’ table and an additional current ‘Suspended’ status is transmitted to the ‘Extended status’ field of the ‘Orders’ table.

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