New version of mobile terminal iQUIK X — 3.2 released

22 august 2019

The released version of the iQUIK X user application allows obtaining a password online directly through the application. This option is available for users if they are provided with the appropriate service by broker. The password can be sent to the client as well as SMS and by email. To request password reset, use the ‘Restore password’ link on the main application screen:



The new iQUIK X version supports Bank of Russia Ordinance № 4928-U, dated 8 October 2018, to display client portfolio parameters.

The position closing functionality now takes account of the ‘High-risk’ feature which allows closing positions by such clients to the minimum margin level.

It has also become possible to transmit ‘RCV1’ and ‘RCV2’ client’s margin indicators.

The ‘Orders’ window contains information about the filled volume of active orders:


Besides that, when there are no orders, stop orders or trades on the screen, which previously was blank, a corresponding text is now displayed there:


News in the released version is displayed in HTML format and is swiped by finger left or right.

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