Version 3.1 of mobile terminal iQUIK X released

13 march 2019

The released version of the user application iQUIK X for devices operating on iOS has an updated design of some screens and expanded functionality to work with charts. Chart period selection was added. The button 3.1.png button allows users to enable/disable the chart display mode within a specified period of time:

screen 3.1_en.png

At the same time, charts display the minimum and maximum prices of the instrument for a specified period, and the percentage of change between the opening price of the first candle and the closing price of the last one:

screen 3.1_2en.png

The settlement currency is now displayed in the upper right corner of the portfolio window:

screen 3.1_3en.png

Besides that, the offer yield is transmitted to the Level II Quotes of bonds, and prices (best bid price, best offer price, last trade price) are now updated online when working in the order entry window.

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