Version 2.0 of mobile terminal iQUIK X released

5 september 2018

ARQA Technologies updated the user terminal iQUIK X for mobile devices operating on iOS.

The latest version has been redesigned (new colors, optimized menu, etc.) and upgraded to fully support iPad functionality.


There are new options of authorization such as TouchID (with a fingerprint scan) and FaceID (with a 3D face scan). There is a bigger box for entering a second factor of authorization as well as support for two-factor authorization RADIUS (a standard protocol for reception and processing of identification queries).

If the broker has not authorized the client to use the mobile application, a connection attempt will result in the user getting a message of the following type: ‘Connection for this type of terminal is not allowed for your user account. Call your broker’.

screen iq_2.png The application has better chart building ergonomics thanks to an alternative scale of display — an overlap allows saving up to 30% of the screen space. It is possible to change the scale with hand motions.
The ‘Portfolio’ tab of the terminal acquired an adjustable drop-down list with parameters selected by the user.

A number of changed were introduced in order and alert services.

Alerts may be created only if the respective service has been selected and switched on (as it is by default). Activating ‘Alerts’ on the instrument information tab will open a respective alert window bypassing all other alerts as in the previous version.

The order entry form acquired options of concealing boxes that may not be required for a particular transaction or vice versa – displaying boxes depending on the user’s preference. Whenever an order is going to be changed, there is a safety warning that such operation will cause irreversible cancellation of a previously placed order.

After an order is forwarded, the new application informs the user immediately about the result of the operation (successful forwarding or a failure).

It is now possible to reverse quotes display (change sides of bid/offer) to suit the user.

screen_iq_en2.pngThere are new features in displaying instrument information. Respective option icons acquired digital signs where previously they just turned red.

As an additional option, the application allows users to select own names for client codes.

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