New version of Broker quotation system — 4.27.0

23 march 2018

The principal new feature of the latest Broker quotation system is optimized dissemination of changes in traded instruments’ reference data to QUIK users’ workstations. All data on instruments and coupons arising during trading hours, including ISIN or coupon changes, is disseminated faster. The latest version makes sure that the updates are processed by the QUIK server and appear on QUIK users’ workstations in online mode and do not require reboot of Broker quotation system or QUIK server.

Settlement codes Т5-Т30 are supported for all types of trading. There is an option to use additional ‘strict control of settlement code at order placement’. This strict control mode rejects an order when its settlement code indicated by user does not coincide with a settlement code in the instrument reference book.

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