Option analytics module

The Option analytics module provides additional opportunities for the QUIK workstation users — use of Option strategies developer and drawing a volatility diagram.


  1. (1) The parameter panel serves to upload templates and submit event scenarios.
  2. (2) The strategy panel serves to enter positions which are to be calculated.
  3. (3) The chart window serves for graphic display of results achieved with the submitted strategy.

The module consists of software installed on the user’s computer and a license installed on the QUIK server. When the user connects to the server with the license, the 'Strategy' item becomes active in the QUIK workstation menu making available all user functions of this module.

Volatility diagram

For making a decision about opening a position on the options market, an investor in most cases has to estimate such a parameter as internal volatility. Graphical presentation of volatility distribution for an option with a given expiration date dependent on strike is used as an instrument for comparative analysis of volatility.

The module allows prompt reaction to price imbalance and gives an opportunity to simultaneously monitor data for all strikes on one scale due to ‘volatility expression’ of options prices.

Development of option strategies

The module allows analyzing strategies for simultaneous opening of positions with one-series options and an underlying instrument, calculating all required indicators for the joint position and using functionality of a standard options calculator.

Graphical analysis

There is a possibility of graphical analysis of a complex option position in terms of its profitability depending on the price of an underlying instrument, number of days till expiration or volatility. Changing the model parameters – the price of the base asset, volatility, a risk-free rate, the date of calculations – one can get various scenarios.

Loading of strategy patterns

It is possible to develop standard option strategies (for example, various spreads, 'butterflies', etc.). There is a possibility of loading a definite strategy using a pattern, and further setting of the strategy in accordance with parameters of selected instruments and their current market parameters.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Software

The computer must meet requirements for the QUIK workstation.

Use Options

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