QUIK backup as a service

The service is the use of QUIK platform as a ‘hot’ backup. A broker chooses the configuration of its backup server individually. Users are switched over to the backup server in case of failure on the main one.

When this service is used, ARQA Technologies’ specialists set up online data replication with the broker’s main server. A broker gets three permanent connections to the QUIK backup server for checking the server operation and data relevance.

For quick and seamless switchover of users from the main copy to the backup one, hosting of an access server is available as a service.

Separate modules of the main server deployed outside the data centre may be connected to the backup server via the Internet. In the case of communication or electrical failure these modules may be unavailable on the backup server.

The scheme of broker's system backup with QUIK deployed on broker premises


The M1 based Moscow data centre provides backup for QUIK SaaS delivered from the M10 data centre.

The scheme of broker's system backup with QUIK as SaaS


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