Integration with Other Broker' Software

The QUIK Software Package is by default integrated with other products of ARQA Technologies: back-office backQORT, middle-office midQORT and middle-office of a management company capQORT.

Integration with the broker's own accounting systems is also possible. QUIK features a simple and reliable way of data exchange between the trading system and the back office, i.e. downloading clients' initial positions, and saving the registry of completed transactions in a standard format.

An example of a file with limits

limits.txt .txt, 623 b

Use of Solutions Based on FIX Protocol

ARQA Technologies has developed a number of solutions for integration of the QUIK server with external software packages via FIX protocol. These solutions provide FIX-integrations with external trading platforms and exchange trading systems, they can send transactions receive market information, and perform fast pre-trade control.

FIX software interfaces are server modules that connect the QUIK server to external software platforms by means of FIX protocol.
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