Portfolio Organizer

Managers have a new convenient form to view data — portfolio organizer. This represents a special program interface displaying most relevant data for portfolio management:

  • managed portfolios (in a tree-structured form),
  • structure of selected portfolio,
  • summary portfolio indicators (net asset value, duration, yield, shares of cash and securities),
  • limits applied to selected portfolio,
  • working orders.

Portfolio organizer may be adjusted to user’s tasks. The interface enables to analyze data on assets, violated restrictions and execute operations from a single window. It is possible to group portfolios (analytical portfolios) and review a composite position as to assets and invested portfolios.


  1. The interface allows managers to forward orders from the window of portfolio organizer and receive information about order status.

  2. Orders may be simultaneously forwarded both for one portfolio and for a group of portfolios. This functionality is available due to pool orders — the system automatically splits an aggregated order into elementary ones and routes them to execution.

  3. There is chat support that allows saving the whole dialogue history between managers, risk officers and trades for every forwarded order. It also contains notifications about order status change.

  4. When forwarding orders for OTC trades, tickets and draft agreements may be generated.

  1. The following information is available for review before forwarding orders:

    • available cash (account number, cash volume, maximum number of securities available to buy or sell),
    • change of security and cash proportion in portfolio after order generation,
    • possible violation of restrictions (testing of restrictions).
    Besides that, planned position for executed orders is taken into account.
  2. The order window displays all orders for selected day as well as non-executed orders for previous days. Orders may be filtered by status.

Limit Check

  • Before being sent, orders undergo a number of checks:
    • check for mandatory fields to fill in,
    • lot, price step divisibility,
    • pre-trade control of restriction violations.
  • When additional manual check is required before sending order for execution, it is possible to forward such orders for approval to authorized specialists. This is usually required for OTC trades.
  • Restriction window for portfolio displays a list of active restrictions, tied to portfolio, for a specified date. Name, threshold value, parameter under control before and after order generation are shown for every restriction.

  • The system allows setting restrictions to control maximum deviation of portfolio structure from a model portfolio. Notifications are sent when a portfolio deviates from the model one by more than a specified value. Violated restrictions and restrictions, where parameters under control are changed by orders, are highlighted. Users may view assets with violated restrictions.
  • The role system makes it possible to limit users’ rights for order forwarding, control at various stages, and confirmation. For users with certain rights, the system allows forwarding orders that have not passed control.


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