Position keeping

Middle-office for asset management companies capQORT enables consolidation and position keeping online for portfolios and groups of portfolios for all operations of asset management companies.

capQORT makes it possible to consolidate positions when conducting operations directly or through several execution brokers. The system receives data on own trades from front-office systems QUIK of execution brokers or via information services (for example, BLOOMBERG VCON®).

Positions recognize assets by portfolios and storage places. A basic accounting unit is a portfolio showing its owner and the structure of their assets. The internal structure of capQORT accounts allows flexible grouping of portfolios and instruments in accordance with business tasks of an asset management company. As a rule, analytical portfolios are generated in accordance with trust management declarations. This allows position keeping and group operations for several portfolios simultaneously.

Main operations having impact on positions


  • with assets and bonds, REPO and NDM with stocks and bonds
  • with derivatives market instruments – futures
  • with money market instruments – foreign currency,

Non-trade operations:

  • accrual/writing-off of commissions
  • depositing /withdrawal of assets and cash

  • corporate events

Positions display current portfolio parameters as well as planned position changes connected with corporate events, execution of current and future liabilities, current and future revenues. When uploading market data and data on trades and corporate events to the system, positions are recalculated simultaneously with regard to the whole preset hierarchy of portfolios and groups of portfolios.

capQORT keeps track of all position changes. Besides that, it has become possible to make changes at a time different from a current trading day (past and future as well) with automated recalculation of all parameters from the transaction date till the current trading day. Postdated trades are not processed until the date of trade execution.

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