Data model extension module

The Data model extension module independently adds data in the system and allows creating new tables and additional fields in existing backQORT tables.

Main features

  • Table creation

    A name and fields of the table are set during its creation.

  • Addition of fields in existing tables

    New fields are shown and edited in a separate window which can be opened by choosing a special context menu item for a specified record of the existing table.

Administrator — creates and edits new tables or fields for existing tables.

The Administrator works in the server service mode. During this time, all other users are automatically disconnected from the server.

User — views and edits data in tables or table fields created by the Administrator.

Ways to work with data

  1. via the backQORT terminal interface

    (manual creation and edition of tables, fields, and of their data)

  1. by using the Web-services integration module

    (reception and edition of data from external applications, data export to external systems)

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