Document Workflow

Document Workflow Between Broker's Departments

backQORT helps to maintain internal documents related to trading operations in a company or bank: the system can prepare and print out client service agreements, powers of attorney, orders, notifications and other documents. The records of all changes in clients’ documents are saved at the server. The system enables preparing a register of expired documents relative to a period.

It is possible to organize document routing between users with different roles. You can customize the sets of roles and rights, as well as document routes.

Document Workflow for OTC Trade

The section of the document workflow for OTC trade help to prepare, sign and print out transaction tickets without using other document management system.

Types of processed documents

  • orders to trader,
  • transaction orders,
  • non-trade orders,
  • OTC trade tickets.

The document workflow of the OTC market includes

  • signing of transactions,
  • registration of settlement schedules,
  • viewing the change history for a transaction,
  • using the maker/checker scheme to control placement of non-trade operations.
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