Structure of Accounts backQORT

backQORT relies on the unique internal structure of accounts represented by the pair sub-account/personal account. Sub-accounts and personal accounts can be grouped to form analytical and virtual accounts, respectively.

  1. A sub-account
    is the smallest unit of asset accounting as regards the owners (a part of a client's account, a trader's position, etc.).
  2. An analytical account
    is any combination of sub-accounts or other analytical accounts.
  1. A personal account
    is the smallest unit of asset accounting in terms of storage location (e. g. a commercial department of the Moscow Registration Chamber for trading on the Stock Market of the Moscow Exchange, the Client Department of the National Depository Centre).
  2. A virtual account
    is any combination of personal accounts or other virtual accounts.
The presented structure of accounts allows for grouping of any combination of clients' accounts to form more complex accounting units and display parameters for these units broken down as necessary for the position, in reports and other analytics.
For example, you can create separate accounts for all rouble assets of the clients or assets of all non-resident clients.
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