Specialized agent’s workstation

The specialized agent’s workstation is designed for installation out of the company’s or bank’s office and has limited rights to view and input data. This terminal allows the user viewing personal details only of the clients registered by this user. The information on other clients, financial indicators, and the client’s assets is not available.

The backQORT specialized terminal makes it possible to expand the broker’s client base with the help of the partners’ companies which will be able to conclude a broker service agreement on behalf of the broker’s company.

Main Features

  • Registration of new clients in the system, input of personal data (including settlement accounts and depo accounts), and editing of personal data input directly to the broker’s database backQORT.
  • Generation, printing of documents and their sending to the client’s email (the set of documents is defined by the system settings).
  • Linkage of tariff plans (if the client has several tariffs for different services).
  • Assignment of a series of voice passwords to the client for execution of trading operations by phone.

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