Copies of the System

The license agreement for the software product of the QORT line includes the right to set up three copies of the system at no extra charge: two for testing purposes and one as a reserve copy.

In addition to that it is possible to purchase a copy of retrospective reports for every product or module of the QORT line.

Test copy

  1. The test copy of the software is a copy of the master software.

  1. The copy is connected to testing trading systems and run for the purposes of internal testing of functional features of the software and its interaction with connected systems and software of the Customer.

Additional test copy

  1. An additional test copy may be used for final testing of the software before it gets used in live conditions as well as for regression testing.

  1. This test copy is not supposed to be connected to front office systems. It is assumed that it will use data from a previous trading day.

Reserve copy

  1. The reserve copy of the software is a copy of the system and all its additional modules that is set up for a case of emergency in order to safeguard data.

  1. There may be a ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ reserve. Additional consultation for implementing both types is available from the service of QORT technical support.

Copy for retrospective reports

  1. The copy for retrospective reports is a software copy to be used for preparing historic reports in accordance with regulations.

  2. The copy is not connected to trading or other systems and uses data from archives. However, this copy is regularly updated.

  1. This copy is purchased for such cases when the principal QORT server is storing data for a long period of time that is not relevant for current operations but may have an impact on the server processing speed.

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