QORT digest for the fourth quarter of 2015

26 january 2016

Q4, 2015

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, We would like to present you some changes introduced into the latest versions of back-office backQORT and middle-office of asset manager capQORT.

Back-office of bank or investment manager — backQORT

Operation accounting 

  • accounting support for security borrowing transactions,
  • available option to link an operation of security entry from another broker to a list of ‘piles’ of securities conforming to purchase operations of these securities,
  • wider opportunities for accounting of package trades. Now OTC package trades may:
  • — comprise bonds,
    — be REPO trades,
    — be registered in ‘client-to-client’ mode (between broker’s clients).

Regulation reporting
Support of changes in reporting to the Central Bank in accordance with CB of RF regulation dated 13.09.2015 # 3794-у.

Integration and reconciliation with external systems
Supported option to upload non-trading transactions from Microsoft Excel.

Reference system

  • added option to establish correspondence between representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners (gain acquirers) of clients,
  • additional report showing introduced changes in the reference list of business partners (broker’s clients),
  • option of wide audit of settings in the list of commissions,
  • a control sheet to oversee income legalization (Anti-money laundering/ terrorism financing).

Middle-office of asset manager capQORT

Middle-office of asset manager capQORT serves for consolidation and position keeping throughout all asset management operations, including portfolio and group of portfolios operations, limit control and violation checks, as well as trading via several brokers from a single workplace.

Additional options in capQORT latest versions:

Functionality of ‘deposits’ instrument
Option of calculating a new indicator — accrued interest.


  • new report type – ‘Portfolio benchmarking’. The report presents changes in value and percentage variation of the actual portfolio versus the benchmark.
  • current position report includes analytical indicators for FX positions.

Group orders

  • option to send individual orders from the pool in random order. The option is set up in the system server.
  • following group order execution involving subaccounts of several client portfolios the system can correctly identify portfolios/accounts linked to the pool of executed orders as well as take into account net asset value of each portfolio.

    This in particular allows correct adjustment of the share of instruments in portfolio calculated as % of net asset value.

ARQA Technologies at the forum ‘Banking automation 2015’

ARQA Technologies participated in the second International forum ‘Banking automation 2015’ held on October, 14-15 in Moscow where it showcased the following solutions:

  • the middle-office midQORT that consolidates and monitors positions resulting from transactions in various segments of financial markets and automates operations of treasury departments and trading desks,
  • the bank’s back-office backQORT that performs accounting of operations on financial markets, and helps deliver client and regulatory reports.
  • the system of FX dealing that provides access to FX market for the bank’s clients and partners including internal liquidity pool,

Report by director of business development of ARQA Technologies Vladimir Kurlyandchik ‘The new level of automation for bank desks — the challenge of our times’.


With all questions about products, terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department at ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

With questions about product use please contact QORT Support Service: +7-383-2191699, qortsupport@arqatech.com.

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