Generation of XBRL reports in backQORT

22 february 2018

The new version of automated back-office backQORT acquired an option to generate some report forms for non-credit financial organizations in XBRL format.

The system allows generating the following monthly OKUD report forms in XBRL format: 0420415, 0420417, 0420418. OKUD XBRL forms 0420416 and 0420427 will be supported in products released during the first quarter of 2018.

Reports are generated in csv files in accordance with Directive of Bank of Russia # 4621-U of 27 November 2017. The generated files may be uploaded to the ‘Converter’ software of Bank of Russia.

backQORT is an automated back-office that provides automated accounting of operations executed on financial markets, electronic document management and preparation of various reports for investment companies and banks – regulatory, client’s and internal reports.

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