Welcome to the new website of ARQA Technologies

19 august 2015

ARQA Technologies launched a new corporate website which combines information on all products and services of the company.

The first website of the company on the QUIK software complex appeared in 2001 and went through a number of radical functional and visual transformations. Now all essential information concerning the line of products and services based on QUIK is presented in the section ‘QUIK software package’ of the new corporate website.

Information about QORT which used to be located on a separate website since 2007 is now displayed in the section ‘QORT software platform’.

All relevant information about ARQA Technologies is presented in the main section of the website

Basic service types have been transferred from formerly used websites — registration for demo-access, file archives and news subscription. There are also new section types such as Business solutions and the list of all software. The user forum has been available at forum.quik.ru since February, 2015.

There is no section ‘Choice of broker’.

Along with the launch of the new website the company has
completed a switch-over to a new corporate style for itself and its products.

A happy journey to the new website!

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