New version of TrustManager terminal module for asset managers 2.6 released

2 march 2016

The main changes made in the new version of TrustManager:

  • It is possible to review the detailed information on chosen limit execution for group orders forwarding (split by clients and instruments). To review this information the ‘Restriction fulfillment’ table was added.

  • The ‘TrustManager messages window’ table was removed. Now all alerts from TrustManger are displayed in the standard ‘System messages’ table of the QUIK workstation (except limit breach alerts that are still to be found in the ‘Restriction violations’ table).

  • The changes were made in functionality for creating, editing and deleting client groups. Also it became possible to delete a client’s code from all client groups, and a new ‘Enable include client in several groups’ option was added.

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