The third ARQA Technologies seminar for clients and partners was held in Kiev

27 october 2011

The seminar brought together about 60 representatives of more then 20 banks and investment companies from Donetsk, Kiev, Cherkassy, as well as representatives of PFTS, the Ukrainian Exchange, MICEX-RTS joint exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The presentations of ARQA Technologies representatives were devoted to the actual aspects of using the company’s products and services for working at Ukrainian financial markets, a special attention was paid to working at the derivatives market (Danil Baburin) and working with the usage of outsourcing and hosting program solutions rendered on the technical facilities of the company’s technical center in Kiev (Vitaliy Skorobogatov). The joint presentation of Univer Capital Ukraine (Taras Kozak) and ARQA Technologies (Alexey Baburin) about the process of implementing the automated back office backQORT by the Ukrainian broker, and the difficulties and successes of this process aroused the great interest among the seminar’s participants. In the presentation of Vladimir Kurlyandchik the analysis of realization of forecasts made at the last year’s seminar as well as the overview of expectable tendencies in developing the field by IT vendor’s eyes in the near term were presented to the participants.

In presentations of the exchanges the main processes being happened in the bounds of merging MICEX and RTS and possible influence of this process on the markets and the Ukrainian exchange infrastructure (Maxim Volkov), PFTS (Evgeny Fomenko) and the Ukranian Exchange (Evgeniy Komissarov) current and perspective technological projects, offers of WSE which professional participants of the Ukrainian financial marketplace can be interested in (Bartosz Swidzinski), were being discussed.

ARQA Technologies is grateful to the Ukrainian Exchange and PFTS for the help with the seminar’s organization.

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