The presentation of FIX gateway for connecting external brokerage systems was held at KASE

21 september 2011

The presentation of FIX gateway for connecting brokerage systems to the exchange trading system, organized jointly with company, was held on the 21st of September at KASE.

ARQA Technologies in the person of Irina Kozachok, the Marketing & Client relations Director, made the presentation ‘Using QUIK brokerage system for working at KASE’ (in Russian). During the presentation the main QUIK possibilities for organizing the trading process of own desks and servicing clients by banks and Kazakhstan brokerage companies were covered.

Special emphasis was made on the possibility of applying QUIK complex on the base of outsourcing model in ARQA Technologies' technical center. This model allows starting the usage of up-to-date technologies and getting access to the exchange trading system without significant initial investment.

Right now any company – KASE member – can use ARQA Technologies testing infrustructure, which is connected to the KASE testing system, for evaluating speed and functionality of the solution, sufficiency of the information provided through FIX gateway, and the possibility of QUIK integration with other internal program platforms used be a company.

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