The new OMS Manager Module — version 2.6.0.

5 november 2013

ARQA Technologies released a new OMS Manager Module - version 2.6.0.

The new version of the module has extended functionality for processing OMS-orders.

  • it is now possible to set a separate cross-rate for OTC-transactions in such cases when the currency of the OMS-order is different from the currency of the OTC-transaction,
  • the enter form for an OMS-order now includes additional parameters of the settlement currency – ‘Gross volume’, ‘Net volume’ and ‘Commission’,
  • it is now possible to transfer an OMS-order from one Sales-manager to another – such a decision may be taken by the first Sales-manager,
  • the enter form for an OMS-order may now include default settings for such parameter values as ‘Commission type’, ‘Commission size’, “Settlement code’, “Trading account’ and “Clearing center’ – depending on the direction of the OMS-order and the class of an OMS-instrument set by the exchange.

The new version is also capable to form separate lists of counterparties which may be assigned to designated Sales-managers for execution.

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