The eighth annual ARQA Technologies seminar was held in Moscow

23 february 2012

ARQA Technologies held the eighth annual seminar for its clients and partners in Moscow on the 17th of February.

This year, in the view of many participants, the company initiated discussions of most pressing and meaningful topics by presentations delivered by ARQA Technologies and MICEX-RTS representatives, as well as through roundtable discussions with the participation of brokers and the joint exchange.

The great interest of the participants was drawn to MICEX-RTS presentations. Roman Gorunov and Vagan Vardanyan shared with the seminar participants by their expectations of major business and technological projects of the joint exchange planned for this year.

In presentations of ARQA Technologies representatives the main emphasis was made on the most dynamically developing projects and technologies of its company’s clients. The seminar participants were presented with software solutions for organizing fast pre-trade control of operations and also provided with an overview of approaches to risk management on the basis of QUIK products. The instruments and operations of the currency market were used as examples for applying different models of risk management. These instruments were chosen because the subject of applying risk management models at the currency market is acquiring a greater significance with the introduction of the two-level system of access to trading. One of the presentations was devoted to approaches for calculating PnL within the framework of QUIK and QORT projects (middle office midQORT and back office backQORT). A separate report was dedicated to issues of building an up-to-date trading infrastructure by a broker and reasons why this topic becomes especially critical in the current conditions. Traditionally, a presentation about development of the company’s technical centers and services on the basis of these technical centers was also presented to the participants.

The seminar drew the attendance of about 250 participants representing over 100 banks, investment and management companies from Russia and Ukraine. The attendees uncluded the company’s partners such as SunGard, Thomson Reuters, GFT, Orange Business Services, QuickTelecom, MICEX-RTS joint exchange, SPIMEX, ETS commodity exchange and the Ukrainian.

The third year the seminar included roundtable discussions with participation of brokers and MICEX-RTS. This year discussions highlighted such topics as participants' expectations with regard to changes in technological infrastructure of trading access triggered by the process of merging two trading systems of the formerly separate exchanges (MICEX and RTS), as well as approaches to measuring and optimizing latency for trading at Russian marketplaces.

During the seminar everyone could ask questions at MICEX-RTS and ARQA Technologies consulting stands.

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