Testing access to the Ukrainian stock market via QUIK has been opened

18 august 2008

SMVB IT has organized the testing access via QUIK to the Ukrainian stock markets having the interfaces for connection of external internet trading systems. At present QUIK is connected to the PFTStesting environment that works on the basis of software being presented in cooperation with MICEX.

SMVB IT offers this opportunity to those brokers interested in provision the internet trading services at the Ukrainian stock market. QUIK server is connected to the PFTS testing environment in a ’trial mode’ without real assets.

For getting the access please contact Sales and Marketing Department - sales@quik.ru, +7 383 219-1690.

QUIK internet trading system is a software package for providing on-line access to the exchange trading systems. QUIK is being developed by SMVB IT (Novosibirsk). QUIK today is a leading internet trading system in Russia - it is being used by more than 200 banks and investment companies for serving hundreds thousands clients. The first presentation of QUIK has been done on the 20-23 September, 2008 in Alushta in the framework of the X International forum for the capital market participants, organized by PFTS.

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