Tenth annual seminar of ARQA Technologies in Moscow

6 march 2014

The seminar drew the attendance of over 300 from 94 organizations which included banks, investment and management companies, financial markets service units of the Bank of Russia, Moscow Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as partners in various projects — Autochartist, CME Group, ICAP, Interxion, QuantHouse, SunGard, Thomson Reuters, TMX Atrium, MFD-InfoCenter.

The topical session of the event centered on the new marginal requirements regulations for Russian financial markets participants that come in force at the end of March. Representatives of ARQA Technologies (Vitaly Skorobogatov and Alexey Baburin) described how the company’s products are adapted to the requirements of the new regulations for pre- and post-trade procedures. It was followed by a spirited Q and A session where explanations from ARQA Technologies were supplemented by Maxim Pozdnyak (BD Otkrytie) and Oleg Dynnikov (Sberbank KIB).  The regulator’s comments concerning some points were also provided to the session’s participants.

The attendees of the seminar displayed much interest towards the session devoted to presentations of principal exchange partners of the company – Moscow Exchange (Dmitry Scheglov and Serguey Shelyagin), London Stock Exchange (Anastasia Kutsepalova & Nigel Harold), Warsaw Stock Exchange (Piotr Borowski). Exchange representatives spoke about their new business projects and initiatives as well as about their respective technological support.   

The final part of the seminar consisted of a series of various but equally well accepted presentations on behalf of ARQA Technologies. Vladimir Kurlyandchik spoke about new technologies of client servicing at FX market - those that have been in high demand lately. Danil Baburin shared his views on aspects of latency in trading infrastructures. The seminar was brought to conclusion when Vladimir Kurlyandchik delivered to the audience his vision of the main trends in financial market development – the way they appear from a technological vendor’s point of view.

The content from the seminar (including texts of presentations and reports (those from ARQA Technologies are provided as notes to slides or in separate files):

  • ‘Pre-trade control in QUIK in accordance with new marginal regulations’, Vitaly Skorobogatov, Head of QUIK software support, ARQA Technologies (presentation, in Russian)
  • ‘Post-trade risk management developments’, Alexey Baburin, Head of QORT software developement, ARQA Technologies (presentation, in Russian)
  • ‘Main projects of MOSEX group in 2014’, Dmitry Scheglov, Executive director of operations, operations department of Moscow Exchange (presentation, in Russian)
  • ‘Key technological innovations of Moscow Exchange’, Sergey Shelyagin, Head of promotion of technological products and services of Moscow Exchnage (presentation, in Russian)
  • ‘London Stock Exchange Group: Evolving Markets and Technology’, Anastasia Kutsepalova, Head of International Business, Capital Markets, LSE, and Nigel Harold, Head of Business Development, Technology, LSE (presentation is available on personal appeal to— HBriggs@londonstockexchange.com or AKutsepalova@lseg.com)
  • ‘The Warsaw Stock Exchange — versatile market with high growth potential’, Piotr Borowski, Director of business network development department, WSE (presentation)
  • ‘New client service technologies at FX market’, Vladimir Kurlyandchik,  Director of business development of ARQA Technologies (presentation, in Russian)
  • ‘Latency race: past, present, future’, Danil Baburin, Head of QUIK software development, ARQA Technologies (presentation and text of report, in Russian)
  • ‘Financial market — a technological vendor’s view of the industry trends’, Vladimir Kurlyandchik,  Director of business development of ARQA Technologies (presentation and text of report, in Russian)

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