New version of SunGard Global Network Market Data Interface — 6.3.1

16 january 2018

The main changes in the released version of SunGard Global Network Market Data interface relate to support of MiFID II regulation requirements. In particular, the interface transmits new order and trade table parameters identifying users as ‘Client’, ‘Investment decision maker’ and ‘Executing trader’.

The tick data from SunGard Global Network may now be filtered for OTC trades. This allows correct display of exchange trading graphs.

When SunGard Global Network program interface is used in conjunction with FIX order router program interface new options are available:

  • Identification of instruments specified in forwarded transactions may be set by classes of instruments. For example, it is possible to identify NASDAQ and LSE instruments by different types of instrument codes within one FIX connection to execution broker,
  • The functionality to redefine FIX tags, set in the MarketTransTags.xml file, was supplemented with an option to change values within a group of repeated tags. This may be useful when working with several execution brokers having different requirements for filling tags.

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