Solution introduced one year ago: MICEXPreTrade – under 10 mcs for pre-trade control for direct sponsored access to MICEX-RTS trading venue

9 june 2012

A year ago ARQA Technologies in collaboration with MICEX-RTS developed and launched MICEXPreTrade module.

This module is used for fast pre-trade control of transactions when an external software platform is connected directly to MICEX-RTS trading system (MICEX-RTS Stock Market (Sector ‘Main market’)) through the exchange’s gateway MICEX Bridge bypassing the QUIK server.

Over the year MICEXPreTrade proved to be an efficient solution applied to situations which required pre-trade control of operations for low-latency infrastructures and service of HFT clients – the time of pre-trade transaction checks by the module is less than 10 microseconds.

The operating principle of the MICEXPreTrade module combines direct connection to the exchange’s gateway with getting information from the QUIK server concerning validation of transactions determined on the basis of the client’s purchasing power. Following a pre-trade check the MICEXPreTrade module either forwards the transaction to the MICEX Bridge gateway or rejects it. The QUIK server in this case performs the function of a risk server.

Over the last 12 months MICEXPreTrade has been installed by a number of ARQA Technologies clients including BCS, KIT Finance, Otkritie Securities Limited, and Solid Investments.

Like almost any of the company’s software solutions the MICEXPreTrade module is available for free testing by clients of ARQA Technologies. You may address any questions concerning the module by calling +7-383-2191619 or by e-mail:

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