New version of Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market) 1.7.0 released

25 august 2017

The main changes in the new version of Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface:

  • The operations ‘Anonymous REPO with CCP’ with Т0,Т1,Т2,Т3 settlement dates are supported for stocks and bonds. The instruments for each combination of settlement dates and instrument types are transmitted to separate classes on the QUIK server.
  • Along with transmission of the risk rates for stocks from the ‘Margin rates flow’ table of the Saint-Petersburg exchange to the ‘Market risk parameters’ table of the QUIK Workstation the Interface transmits risk rates for bonds and currencies.

  • The ‘Current trading session’ table now displays the ‘Last clearing quote’ parameter.
  • Orders may be forwarded during the additional trading session (the order form acquired the execution term ‘Extended Hours’). The orders forwarded with the ‘Extended Hours’ execution term in the trading session remain active during the additional trading session.

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