Corporate data base RU DATA in QORT product line of ARQA Technologies

17 february 2016

ARQA Technologies developed a new Module of integration with Reference United Data (RU DATA) which will serve for downloading and using RU DATA content in QORT software products — middle-office midQORT, capQORT and back-office backQORT.

The universal system of collecting, verification and distribution of corporate data Reference United Data (RU DATA) is a joint project of International Information
Group ‘Interfax’ and National Settlement Depository (NSD) to create a consolidated
data base of financial instruments that are of interest for Russian financial
market participants.

The Module of integration allows QORT to receive from RU DATA information (Reference Data) on:

  • issuers (russian and foreign public companies),

  • bonds and eurobonds,

  • corporate events (calendars for coupons, public offers, redemptions, early redemptions),

  • investment ratings of instruments and respective issuers* (for a given date, retrospectively by relevant events) from a number of rating agencies such as АК&М, Moody’s Interfax, Standard & Poor's, Fitch, RAEX and others.

RU DATA supplies QORT both with initial data and all relevant updates.

*  only for middle-office capQORT

ARQA Technologies is offering the new module for testing.

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