Revised imperfections of QUIK system

17 march 2009

Revised defects of 5.12 version

1.   The mistake of automated scaling of Y-line (or ordinate axis) is eliminated and charts unavailability in the presence of “Ichimoku” and “Alligator” indicators is obviated.

2.   Erroneous QUIK Workstation disconnection in situations when QPILE calculation was stopped before the program fully completed its work is corrected.

3.   Accuracy of calculation is always used at scale of accounts while reflecting indicators’ values. As in previous version, now precision of 4 digits after the decimal point is used.

4.   The error of simultaneous export of marginal and fee payment options via ODBC with the setting “Show complete option codes” which is switched on is corrected. Owing to the mismatch of full option codes, wrong updating of information in database tables took place.

5.   Erroneous exit of QUIK Workstation in situations when QPILE program adverts to data in Position table is prevented.

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